Tamro and BENU Aptieka wishes you a healthy and merry Midsummer Festival!
Very soon we will celebrate the shortest night of the year, rich in popular traditions and joy. Although the habits of celebrating Midsummer may vary from family to family, you cannot do without Midsummer herbs, making wreaths, eating cheese and other delicacies and enjoying bonfires with singing and dancing. Tamro and BENU Aptieka wishes you healthy, merry and happy Midsummer holidays! Let your Midsummer night be filled with bonfires, songs and good mood!
Let's celebrate summer with BENU Aptieka!
BENU Aptieka will help everyone enjoy the summer more brightly, safely, and pleasantly! All summer long, great offers of up-to date products for beauty, prevention, and health! To protect your skin from sunrays, to take care of it properly, to always have everything you need for protection against insects and unexpected worries when you go to nature, or when you need vitamins, medicines or just advice from a knowledgeable pharmacist BENU Aptieka is with you!      
Aptieka1 celebrating its 20th anniversary!
This summer, the Association of Independent Pharmacies is celebrating a big date – 20 years since its foundation! Today, aptieka1 is the leading independent pharmacy association in Latvia gathering 101 large and small pharmacies in Riga and all over Latvia. Looking back at 20 years of our experience, this summer we are launching a special project – "The 20th Anniversary Conversations", where we will meet pharmacy owners who have been with us since the very beginning. We will talk about what we have done, what is important, what is close to our hearts and what we hope for the future! Follow us on our journey of two decades!
Large team of BENU Aptieka and Tamro Baltics employees participate in Rimi Riga Marathon
On May 18–19, Riga hosted the annual Rimi Riga Marathon, offering enthusiasts of the long run a wide range of distances, great emotions, and sunny weather. This year, 33 003 runners from 104 countries registered for various distances, which, according to the organisers, is almost the biggest number of participants registered for the Rimi Riga Marathon in the event's history. This year, 26 enthusiastic members of the joint BENU Aptieka and Tamro Baltics team joined the ranks of the Marathon participants, representing 5 km, 10 km un 21 km running distances, enjoying the great atmosphere and feeling satisfied with their achievements.  
BENU e-Pharmacy celebrates its 3rd anniversary with an extensive campaign!
This May marks the 3rd anniversary of BENU e-Pharmacy. During this time, it has grown and developed considerably, offering its customers an ever-expanding range of almost 6000 products, interesting novelties, great offers, and comprehensive discounts.
49 students learn about pharmacist’s work at BENU pharmacies during Shadow Day
On April 4, BENU Aptieka hosted a large number of schoolchildren during the Shadow Day in Latvia. 15 BENU pharmacies opened their doors to shadows, welcoming 49 students, which shows a high level of interest for the pharmacist’ s profession and job opportunities at BENU Aptieka.
Special offers for people with disabilities at BENU pharmacies
Taking care of persons with disabilities, BENU Aptieka offers a special discount on purchases made at pharmacies. Every Monday at BENU pharmacies customers get a 20% discount upon presentation of a disability certificate and a BENU customer card to the pharmacist!
Tamro Baltics Board joined by new members
Tamro Baltics is happy to announce the expansion of the Baltic Management Board. As Kestutis Dubinka, theB2B Channel and Supply Chain Director of Tamro Baltics, decided to leave the company after having worked there for 20 years, including the last three years on the Baltic Board, it was decided to expand the Baltic Board of the company. “The expanded team will enable us to focus more on the opportunities in the Baltic healthcare market and to leverage the internal efficiencies within the Baltics together with our strong local management teams in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As the biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltics and the leading pharmacy chain, we are continuously committed to benefit our patients and customers in the Baltic States,” Tamro Baltics Managing Director Leon Jankelevitshcomments on changes in the company’s Board.    
NEW! – aptieka1 cumulative Loyalty card!
Starting from February, the aptieka1 cumulative Loyalty card is available in 30 pharmacies across Latvia! It provides aptieka1 customers with even more convenient shopping opportunities, including both special discounts and offers, as well as points accumulated on purchases. With the new card, customers enjoy: 3 % point accrual on purchases* Senior’s discounts on Wednesdays – buy 3 products and get a 20 % discount!** Extra discounts and special offers, including 2+1.
BENU pharmacies offer a Commitment Calendar throughout January
To spend the first month of the year healthily and get inspiration for healthy habits for the whole year, BENU Aptieka offers a Commitment Calendar! It offers useful tips and practical ideas on how to make your everyday life healthier, improve your long-term well-being, take care of yourself, and simply feel good every day! In addition, each day's advice is accompanied by a great offer that can help you put it into practice!
Be healthy and happy!
May Christmas be beautiful and full of love! May the New Year bring you and your loved ones happiness and the most important thing – strong health! Remember! To feel happy, full of energy and life every day, it is important to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones! That's why TAMRO is always by your side – to help you feel well in the New Year 2024!
With sincerity against illness! Don't stand aside! Donate together with BENU!
For the seventh year, BENU Aptieka in cooperation with the Children's Hospital Fund is organising the charity campaign "With sincerity against illness! Donate together with BENU!". This campaign collects donations for children diagnosed with oncological diseases and lacking funds to cover those medical expenses not reimbursed by the state.
BENU Aptieka pharmacist Elma Grīnhofa wins award “Pharmacist of the Year 2023”
On November 3 this year, the Annual Conference of the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia traditionally presented its awards "Pharmacist of the Year 2023". This year, it was also presented to Elma Grīnhofa, a pharmacist at BENU Aptieka, who works with the preparation of medicines every day. In total, ten pharmaceutical professionals received the award this year.
Senior Mondays at BENU pharmacies!
From now on – take advantage of Senior Mondays at BENU pharmacies! Every Monday, BENU cardholders over 60 years of age will be granted a 20% discount on their purchases! * Moreover, this discount is valid at any BENU on-site pharmacy.
10th PINK RUN with BENU!
The 10th Pink Run with BENU lit up the streets of Kaunas this past Sunday!
BENU Aptieka is launching a new campaign – BENU Medicines Encyclopedia!
Celebrating the International Pharmacists Day and to raise awareness about the pharmaceutical sector, BENU Aptieka Latvia has launched a new campaign – BENU Medicines Encyclopedia. During the campaign, we will speak about the most important discoveries and milestones in the field of pharmaceuticals that have changed people's everyday lives, providing them with new treatment and prevention options!  
BENU Aptieka Immunity Calendar – useful advice and an offer every day!
This autumn BENU Aptieka has launched a unique campaign – BENU Aptieka Immunity Calendar. Every day, customers can find out a useful health tip – for well-being and strengthening immunity during the season of viruses and colds. Along with the advice, customers are also given a matching offer from BENU e-Pharmacy promotions
Tamro Lithuania celebrates 30 years
A 30-year journey towards a better and healthier life
We are proud of our BENU Aptieka pharmacists and pharmacist assistant – participants of the Song and Dance Festival in Latvia!
As the General Song and Dance Festival begins, we would like to congratulate every its participant and express special thanks to our colleagues who agreed to share their stories and let us see this beautiful event by their eyes! All participants have a lot of experience and have taken part in Song and Dance Festivals several times. Moreover, they all admit that the pharmacist's knowledge is especially useful during this time!
Celebrate summer safely together with BENU Aptieka!
As summer, the time of holidays, vacations, and festivals, begins, BENU Aptieka is launching a large scale summer campaign "Celebrate summer safely with BENU Aptieka!". During the campaign, useful tips will be given on how to celebrate the Midsummer Festival and to spend the whole summer safely and healthily!
BENU e-Pharmacy celebrates 2nd anniversary!
On May 22, BENU e-Pharmacy launches its two-year anniversary campaign! For BENU e-Pharmacy, these two years were full of development – new sales records have been achieved and new solutions and offers for e-Pharmacy customers have been introduced.
Changes in the management team of "Tamro" and BENU Pharmacy Lithuania
Rasa Montvile, who worked as Retail Director for BENU Pharmacy Lithuania for 12 years, 9 of which she served as Country Manager, is leaving the Company as of today.
New distribution center in Lithuania
The new distribution center in Lithuania is open! UAB Tamro headquarters, wholesale warehouse and BENU Pharmacy Lithuania headquarters have moved to another location.
It's Christmas waiting time!
It's Christmas waiting time! Let yourself feel the festive mood, see a miracle and give warmth and joy to your loved ones! We wish you a loving Christmas and a healthy New Year 2023!  
The owner of Tamro Estonia completes the largest acquisition in the company’s history
The owner of Tamro Estonia, PHOENIX Group has acquired parts of the pharmaceutical wholesale and retail company McKesson Europe, thereby securing the position of the largest European pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer. The closing took place on 31 October 2022, following the clearance by competition authorities of the countries involved.    
Supplier newsletter Autumn 2022
We live in challenging times, where relevant information at the right time has more value than ever – especially for operational and strategic planning. This is why Tamro Baltics is introducing a Supplier Newsletter to inform you about our developments, forecasts and general news. We hope this information will be appreciated and create more exchange and positive interaction.  
BENU Aptieka celebrates its 10th anniversary
This year marks 10 years since BENU Aptieka started its operations in Latvia – during these years almost 80 pharmacies and BENU e-Aptieka have been opened and are operating in all major regions of Latvia, employing more than 400 people in total. BENU Aptieka has also become one of the leaders and leading experts in the pharmaceutical care industry and has been involved in a number of socially significant projects.
9th PINK RUN with BENU!
October is the month, which reminds us about the women’s fight with breast cancer. 2nd of October was the day when almost 2000 PINK RUN with BENU 2022 participants ran in the heart of the city Kaunas – Laiss aja – for the noble purpose. 
Tamro and BENU Aptieka wish you a happy start of Midsummer Festival!
In preparation for the Midsummer celebrations, Tamro together with BENU Aptieka invite you to take a look at the BENU yard, where festive hustle and bustle is already in full swing! Here BENU Aptieka ambassadors Lauris Reiniks, Maija Rozīte Krištopane, Regīna Devīte and Ilze Vazdika are already decorating themselves with Midsummer garlands, laying festive tables and singing about the profession of pharmacist! Join in this warm, summer mood and enjoy Midsummer celebrations in a fun, safe and healthy way! With a resounding greeting, we wish you a healthy Midsummer and a sunny, green summer!
Eika Asset Management fund starts construction of Tamro logistics centre in Kaunas FEZ
On 11 January 2022, the Kaunas District Municipality granted a permit to build UAB Tamro, a wholesale distribution company of pharmaceuticals and the manager of BENU pharmacies, logistics centre in the territory of the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ). The logistics centre is a build-to-suit project managed by Eika Asset Management (EAM), a fund of the investment company UAB Eika Real Estate Fund (EREF). The completed building will remain under the ownership of this fund; the amount of the investment is not disclosed. The project is expected to be completed one year later, in Q4 2022.
Christmas and New Year greetings from TAMRO!
Christmas and New Year's Eve is a special period, when during the darkest time of the year we try to see the brightest – to give warmth and joy to our loved ones, to feel the holiday and to believe in a miracle. This is also a time of activity – we set new goals to achieve and plans to fulfill, we want to manage everything and do everything! During this time, we invite you to find a moment for yourself, listen to the festive mood, notice the beautiful moments, and watch our holiday greetings!   Happy holidays!
New knowledge and professional growth together with TamroLearn!
Tamro Baltics has launched a new innovative digital solution for professional development of healthcare specialists – TamroLearn.  
PHOENIX group reports solid growth in fiscal year 2020/21
In a challenging fiscal year 2020/21 (31/01/2021), dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the PHOENIX group further strengthened its leading position in Europe’s pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy retail market. The company increased its revenue by 3.2 per cent compared with the previous year to €28.2 billion.
A transaction for the development of a logistics centre in Kaunas FEZ has been concluded
TAMRO UAB has concluded a transaction with UAB Eika Real Estate Fund managed by UAB Eika Asset Management for the development and lease of a built-to-suit building in Kaunas district.
BENU Aptieka organizes discussion about importance of emotional support in pediatric oncology
BENU Aptieka organized for a fourth year in a row a charity campaign "With sincerity against the disease!"
PHOENIX group achieves growth in the first quarter
The PHOENIX group continued to increase revenue and profit for the period in the first three quarters of 2020/21 (February to October 2020) compared with the previous year, with revenue rising by 4.4 per cent or €0.9 billion to €21.0 billion.
PHOENIX group reports stable growth for first half-year
The PHOENIX group achieved further growth in the first six months of fiscal year 2020/21 (31 July 2020). The leading healthcare provider in pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy retail improved its key financial figures. This resulted from increased demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in the first quarter. 
PHOENIX group achieves growth in the first quarter
In the first quarter of fiscal year 2020/21 (30/04/2020), the PHOENIX group expanded its leading position in pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy retail.
BENU pharmacy introduces e-shop
The BENU pharmacy network started operating in the electronic space by introducing BENU e-pharmacy in the beginning of May.
PHOENIX group becomes largest pharmacy operator in Europe
The PHOENIX group has become Europe’s largest pharmacy operator. With the acquisition of 20 Dutch Thio Pharma pharmacies, 17 Proxi Pharm pharmacies in Romania, and 10 newly added FAJN sites in the Czech Republic, the company now operates over 2,700 of its own pharmacies in 15 European countries.
Nomeco, the Danish subsidiary of the PHOENIX group, has opened the largest logistics centre
Nomeco, the Danish subsidiary of the PHOENIX group, has opened the largest logistics centre for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in the Nordic countries.
We run PINK to fight breast cancer!
Internationally October is the month of the fight with breast cancer! This is the reason why traditionally PINK RUN WITH BENU took place in Kaunas on the 6th of October.
Biggest BENU Pharmacy in Baltics was opened in Vilnius
Biggest new concept BENU Pharmacy has opened its doors to the public 16th of September, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Pharmacy is located in shopping center Panorama.    
BENU Aptieka donates EUR 18,000 and organizes wide discussion about paediatric oncology in Latvia
BENU Aptieka in cooperation with the Children Hospital Fund has organized for a second time a wide discussion about paediatric oncology in Latvia. 
PHOENIX group opens 2,500th pharmacy
BENU, the largest pharmacy brand of the leading European healthcare provider PHOENIX group, is celebrating the opening of the company’s 2,500th pharmacy.
Our employee is a champion!
We are truly pleased and proud to congratulate our colleague Anda Jēgere, the assistant pharmacist of pharmacy, with yet another champion title won at the Latvian Athletics Championship in 400-meter relay for women!  
PHOENIX publishes 6th Sustainability Report
As a leading healthcare provider in Europe, PHOENIX group reliably supplies people with drugs and medical products each and every day. In our sixth sustainability report, we would like to show you how we are meeting our responsibilities.
Tamro Lithuania celebrates 25th birthday!
Tamro Lithuania office and warehouse employees and their children had gathered for few joyful hours in a yard of Kaunas office yesterday. It was a true neighbourhood party!
PHOENIX group continues its growth in the first quarter of 2018/19
The PHOENIX group continued its growth over the last quarter. In the first three months of the fiscal year 2018/19 (February to April 2018), total operating performance rose by 5.3 per cent to €8.0 billion.
SIA “Tamro” 25 – change and growth driven by joint efforts
During 25 years, a chain of nearly 250 pharmacies serving clients in all three Baltic States has been established. SIA “Tamro” celebrates its 25th anniversary as a strong, professional and committed team, which builds a company in steady development process.
Liepāja’s, Latvia, Central pharmacy implements new concept of aptieka1
In spring, Liepāja’s Central pharmacy, the biggest one in Liepāja district, witnessed huge transformation. It started its way to the new concept with ideas about some minor changes, which later transformed into new arrangement, new attractive design and special innovations, as well as more ideas about development in the future.
PHOENIX achieves growth in revenue and profit
The PHOENIX group continued to develop profitably in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2017/18 (February to October 2017). The total operating performance significant for pharmaceutical wholesale rose by 4.7 per cent compared with the same period of the previous year to €23.4 billion. 
Tamro Baltics Healthy Business Brunch 2017 brought us closer to the future
Tamro Baltics Healthy Business Brunch is an annual event given each late autumn early winter period to the partners in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. This year’s Healthy Business Brunches were focusing on the future and its possibilities.
BENU Aptieka Latvija - The Best Internship Provider 2017
Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) honored the best Latvian employers on Friday, November 10th. We, BENU Aptieka Latvia Ltd also were among the best. We received  the Award for “ Best Internship Provider 2017”.
PHOENIX significantly increases its retail presence in Serbia
Mannheim, 10 November 2017 – The PHOENIX group has acquired the Goodwill Apoteka pharmacy chain in Serbia. The retailer operates 138 pharmacies across the country with 540 employees. The complete acquisition of the Goodwill owner Inter Pharma d.o.o. is subject to approval by the Serbian competition authorities.
PHOENIX pharmacy cooperation is a concept with a bright future
How are independent pharmacies preparing themselves for the digital future? Around 300 pharmacists discussed this question with experts at the PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership conference in Berlin on 24th October 2017. This network is the umbrella organization for the PHOENIX group’s 12 existing pharmacy cooperation programs in 15 countries.
PHOENIX revenue increases
The PHOENIX group continued its growth course in the first nine months of fiscal year 2016/17. From February to October 2016, total operating performance, including revenue and handled volume, rose by 5.2 percent to €22.3 billion compared with the same period of the previous year.
Pink October: BENU Runners Flood Kaunas Old Town
Pink October, officially known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The pinklooding the Old Town of Kaunas with pink runners for the third year in a row.   
The new modern Distribution Centre has started its operations in Riga
New premises are located in a suburb of Riga with only 11 kilometres distance to city centre in industrial and logistics area with fast access to Riga centre and 9 kilometres from E67 road connecting Helsinki and Prague, what is cold as Via Baltica (part between Warsaw and Tallinn).  
The ideas of young pharmacists with regard to improving patient treatment results have earned BENU scholarships
On 25 January the Estonian Academic Society of Pharmacy and BENU pharmacies issued scholarships to future pharmacists. Thus the recognition was expressed to the work dedicated to improving the quality of treatment of cancer patients, as well as to research papers related to regular use of medicines and the role of sales representatives. The purpose of the scholarship is to motivate students to work and reflect on the development of their specialization.   
BENU is among those which gained highest Net Promoter Score in Estonia!
In December 2015 TNS Emor conducted a survey among the residents of Estonia, for the compilation of the loyalty index. According to the survey the service companies with the highest index are pharmacies, cinemas and gas stations. "The TOP companies in the chart are BENU, Südameapteek and Ülikooli apteek pharmacy chains, which have reached the same result. They are followed by Neste gas stations and Cinamon cinema in Tartu," - said the TNS Emor expert Katrin Vaisma.
BENU Apteek is setting up a scholarship fund for the promotion of pharmacy studies
On Wednesday, 27th of May, the representatives of the Estonian Academical Society of Pharmacy and BENU Apteek Eesti OÜ signed an agreement that will establish a scholarship fund for the research and scientific work in the domain of social pharmacy. The fund will be created with a view to increasing the popularity of the pharmacy specialisation among the young because even today the shortage of qualified pharmacists in Estonia already amounts to 100–150.    
Tamro Celebrates 120th Anniversary
PHOENIX group's subsidiary Tamro turns 120 years. Tamro is Finland's leading pharmaceutical and health product distributor and service provider. The company was set up in 1895 in Tampere by four apothecaries. During its long history, Tamro has touched the lives of Finnish people in many ways.